Gait Analysis

Online Gait & Posture Analysis - £40

For the First time I am offering online gait and posture analysis. It is important to be aware this step is the initial starting point in the process to getting you out of pain and correcting your dysfunctions.

Most people don’t know where they’re at right now or whats right and wrong in terms of movement patterns. This should give you some insight into the world of human biomechanics and functional patterns.

I believe it’s Vital you assess and keep assessing, ensuring what you are doing is working because if it isn’t you need to change what you’re doing.

This is simply the summing up where you are at now stage. As you are hopefully aware no 2 cases are the same and it’s much more complicated than just a simple diagnosis and cure. But with the analysis ill highlight your problem areas, give feedback and suggestions to employ into your training, and hopefully by reading my notes and watching your own gait cycle and standing postures, you will better understand exactly what you are looking at. Also a much clearer plan going forward. It is important to be aware that this is the assessing where you are at now stage although there will be some guidance going forward. This is more to highlight the issues/ dysfunctions your body has now, rather than the fixing faze. Depending on the complexity of your dysfunctions will depend how much online help i can give.

For example if you have sever scoliosis I can analyse whats going on. However I will not be able to give you much guidance without doing one on one work in person. Scoliosis is complicated there is good reason it’s only been fixable through corrective exercise and MFR over the last few years. So if this is you, great news your in the right place to straightening you spine but I’m not going to tell you it’ll be easy because it won’t.

To get your Gait and posture analysis I’ll need you to send me 4 Photographs. Front view, Rear view and either side profile. Also I’ll need videos of you running from the front, rear and side. Real time and slow motion. This is easily done with your phone.

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