Personal Training

Personal Training (Per Hour) - £45

If you hire me as a coach it is important you understand what we are trying to achieve. Yes we can build muscle. Yes we can burn body fat, but there is much more to training the human body than just looking aesthetically pleasing in the mirror. By prioritising biomechanics I mimic elite athletes by reconnecting lines of muscles that are causing restrictions in movements and pains. Ones the dysfunctions are worked out and corrected the world of exercises that functional patterns brings to the table are second to none. Every season should bring you more understanding of your own body and how it moves.

This training system isn’t black and white the human body is a complicated organism. To make serious long term results you need to take on board what i say and apply it to your everyday lifestyle. I can guarantee after only a few sessions with me you’ll feel better, have less pain and be on your way to the body composition you’ve always desired.


Why is prioritising biomechanics so important?

By not training the body as a single unit and concentrating solely on isolation exercises you build muscles and strength on a weak structure. Think of getting a new paint job on a rusty old car, looks better on the eye but its not going to take long until it breaks down. This is what I see when I see bodybuilders. I’m not against having big muscles. I’m only against them if its not transferable to everyday life. To me that makes no sense. Why have a 200-300pound bench press when you can’t rotate to throw a punch. Or why back Squat the equivalent weight of a small car for leg gains when its not transferable to walking or running.

For me if it doesn’t make sense I don’t do it. There are far too many coaches in the industry who cant think for themselves, just doing what everyone else is doing to make easy money. That’s not why I became a coach. I became a coach to empower people with the knowledge to live a longer healthier lifestyle.

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