Human Biomechanics Specialist

Functional Strength & Conditioning, Prehab & Rehab, Posture and Gait


Personal Training that respects human bio-mechanics

From a young age I’ve always struggled to stay still, when I was child I’d be doing a different activity every night of the week weather it was football, swimming, rugby it didn’t matter I just wanted to run around. So getting into a profession where I could be around people and teach people how to stay active was an obvious career choice for me. Over the years I’ve experimented with many different training systems and as well as learning a lot I’ve had some great times along the way!

My ambition as a coach is to teach people how to train functionally, respecting our evolutionary blueprint. Connecting muscles together and relieving people of pain. Once this is a achieved, body composition and athleticism, speed and agility are all boxes that can be ticked with this training protocol, so not only do clients move and feel great they also look the part as well… All the gains without the pain!


Human Bio-mechanics Personal Training

My passion lies within Human Biomechanics, in simple terms, re-training elasticity back into muscles and the myofascial web. Connecting fascial lines together, improving neutral standing postures and gait cycles, getting the best out of athletes and most importantly, getting people out of chronic pain.

Nutrition Coaching and E-books

A happy diet leads to a happy individual. Longevity is so important. My diets and principles can and should be maintained forever, with the odd treat because we’re all human! I will teach you the principles to avoid yoyo dieting and teach shortcuts to break platuos and stubborn fat.


Real Stories

I pride myself in working closely with my clients to deliver personal training and nutrition coaching for their own specific needs. It’s a journey that we make together and gives me a massive sense of achievement and pride. See below for some of my client highlights.

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