I pride myself in working closely with my clients to deliver personal training and nutrition coaching for their own specific needs. It’s a journey that we make together and gives me a massive sense of achievement and pride. See below for some of my client highlights.

"Working with Harry has changed my life. With his combination of personal training in the gym and bespoke nutritional diet plans, I have lost nearly a third of my original body weight and I have a renewed vitality, energy and self-confidence."

Alisa Townsend

"After training with pain in my shoulders and knees and pushing for results with physiotherapy and traditional lifting, I came to Harry for an assessment. 6 months into training functionally I have seen both weight loss (loosing 2stone) and pain free reformation of muscles I never knew could be pushed.

Looking forward to the sessions coming ahead, to move and live: stronger, faster and more importantly pain free."


"Unfortunately I only trained Mimi for 6 weeks and lost contact before I could get a testimonial, but she came to me 6 weeks before her honey moon wanting to get lean, although warning her she’d left it a little late, her determination got her some great results!"


"Harry is a professional, no messing & 'get the work done' kind of trainer. He focuses on building the healthiest bodies for optimum functionality, whilst educating you through every movement!

He is an excellent coach who continues to strive for more knowledge on how to best help his clients.

If you want a strong body that performs exactly how it was designed to, then Harry is the coach for you."

Mary-Kate Matthews

"I’ve been training with Harry for nearly a year now and my life has changed for the better. I really enjoy the variety and challenge he puts into the sessions. He is very experienced and very committed. I’ve lost 2 stones in less than 3 months and I can say training has become fun thanks to him. Definitely recommend."

Oana Dan

"Before training with Harry I’d never had a PT before as I never really saw the value in it. However, after seeing how popular Harry’s sessions were and the progress he was making with his clients, I decided to give it a go and fit in with his busy schedule. Harry pushed me more than I would ever have pushed myself whilst at the same time always being positive and encouraging.

I find the only aches I have after a session are the good ones due to the activity and not from doing things incorrectly. The improvement in my upper body rotation in particular has been brilliant. I looked forward to each session with Harry as he always made it fun whilst giving me a beasting at the same time.

I would definitely recommend Harry although maybe not to too many people otherwise he might not have a space for me"

Sam Lawson

"I work at a computer all day so I came to harry to learn how to train, and build some strength. He explained transferable strength to me. strength that you can learn in the gym and is transferable to everyday life or to a given sport. His explanations are very detailed and he doesn't just tell you what to do and what not to do, without explaining the reasons why.

I've learnt a lot from him and I am continuing to do so as my strength and movements improve. I used to hit fatigue very quickly at the start and we would need to slow the sessions right down. Now I can keep a constant pace throughout.

Really happy."


"I’ve trained with Harry for over 5 years now and I am stronger, fitter, leaner than I have ever been. At 37 my body has never been in better physical condition. There is still lots of room for improvement but Harry constantly pushes me to be better and I am much more confident about the way I look and most importantly about how I feel.

In those 5 years Harry has consistently worked on his own training and development. This is the real added value for me. As he learns, I learn. It keeps our training fresh, varied and interesting.

I never imagined I would become an avid gym goer but now I train daily - He must be doing something

Samantha Booth

Practice what you preach!

Each Photo was taken roughly a year apart. On the left was me when I used to only lift weights, as you can see i have muscle mass but on an incredibly weak structure. Body building is like building a mansion on sinking sand it looks good in the short term, but because the foundations haven’t been taken into consideration. Long term it isn’t sustainable unless you’re willing to put up with aches and pains constantly.

The second photo was taken after I’d adopted some functional patterns techniques and corrective exercises but I still hadn’t let go of my old heavy lifting habits. I was on the fence, although my standing posture has improved my muscles were still jacked and dehydrated. making my movement patterns slow and sloppy. Looks good if vanity is all you care about but theres more to health and finish than training your ego.

Lastly the picture on the right was taken after 8 months practicing nothing but functional patterns. Great Posture improvements. Decompression everywhere. I feel fitter and Stronger than ever and no aches or pains. Nothing compares to Functional Patterns we tick all the boxes.

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